Alas, for the first time in many (many) years we were forced to raise the price of some coins. Escalating freight and duty costs mean that we are paying more than ever before to get the coins ready for you.

In general, any coin pack which was US $8.99 is now US $9.99.

The full list is below. But, some good news, if you order over US $100 worth, you will automatically get 10% off.

And, don't forget our international shipping discount codes:

  • Order for US $20 or more: Get US $5 off International Shipping with code SHIP5
  • Order for US $150 or more: Get US $10 off International Shipping with code SHIP10

New price list

Here is the full list of price rises on 1 October 2020:

These prices have also increased in our store on

Out of Stock coins

Some of our Classic Fantasy Coins in higher denomination Copper, Silver and Platinum are currently out of stock on our website, and some are out of print. We plan to get some of these back in November, but you can still get them at Paizo before the price rise.

Here is the full list of out of stock coins:

We don't have a current mold for coins marked with an asterisk (*), so when those are gone they will probably be gone.

All the other high denomination coins in Copper, Silver, Platinum & Electrum are still in stock. We will continue selling them while stocks last or demand continues, but if in doubt, consider filling up your collections sooner rather than later if you want any of those coins in denominations of 20 and up.

Our new RPG Treasure sets are designed to play with a Gold economy, only using Copper and Silver coins in 1 and 5 denominations, and then changing up (10 cp = 1 sp / 10 sp = 1 gp). You can read more about them on our blog.

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