Sigillum Dei coin


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This huge coin depicts the Sigillum Dei, or Seal of God, a 14th century diagram most known for its connection with Elizabethan occultist John Dee. An incredibly detailed and weighty coin token, it has the Sigillum Dei Aemeth on the front, and the back has a magic circle with the face of Doctor John Dee.

The metal coin token is 60 mm in diameter and a hefty 4 mm thick. It has antique gold plating and weighs approximately 67g. The design is by Paul Baldowski (heads) and Deoin Cleveland (tails). 

This coin was made for our friends at All Rolled Up, for use with their roleplaying game The Dee Sanction. It also makes a fantastic paperweight, an intriguing in game prop, or could even be used as a summoning circle as part of a tabletop map.


The Dee Sanction is a tabletop role-playing game about serving Queen and country in the late Tudor period, in a time where kingdoms vie for power, the Church splinters under the pressure of reform, and creatures of folklore emerge from enforced hiding seeking revenge against those who imprisoned them. For more, visit

The Dee Sanction is © Paul Baldowski

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