Acq Inc. Company Tokens (30)


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Now you too can own the same company tokens used by Real Acq Inc Interns in lieu of gold! Warning: Not redeemable anywhere, for anything, for any reason, ever. Batteries not included and also not needed.

This coin set contains thirty (30) Acq. Inc. Company Tokens, packed snugly into a black velvet bag with the Acquisitions Incorporated logo embroidered with gold thread.

These are real metal coins with antique gold, silver, and copper plating. Each coin is 2 mm thick. This is an officially licensed coin set, made for our hilarious friends at Penny Arcade. Designed by Kiko Villaseñor.

This set contains:

  • 10 x Acq Inc copper tokens (36 mm x 20.4 mm / approx 1.4" x 0.8")
  • 10 x Acq Inc silver tokens (38 mm x 22.4 mm / approx 1.5" x 0.9")
  • 10 x Acq Inc gold tokens (40 mm x 24.4 mm / approx 1.6" x 1.0")

The three tokens of each type stack perfectly in a pleasing pyramid. (Careful and correct accounting is important when paying your monthly Acquisitions Inc franchise fees!)

For more about the Acquisitions Incorporated, visit the Acq Inc website.

Acq Inc logo
Acquisitions Incorporated and the AI logo are trademarks of and © Penny Arcade, Inc.

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