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Please note, the Large Letter service within Australia is untracked.

We wish. We are based in Melbourne, Australia commonly referred to as “Down Under”.  Our coins are real metal. Distance and weight equal cost. Note that you can also order our coins from our friends at Paizo.

Ordering Coins

Sorry, we cannot alter the quantities of coins. All of our coin sets are assembled at the time of manufacture.

The title of each product gives the number of coins included [eg. (10) or (5)]. If there is no number, assume there is a single piece per product.

We do offer individual coins at most of our convention appearances.

We are not currently in wide distribution at retail. However, you can also order our coins direct from

You can also encourage your FLGS to contact us to enquire about wholesale order of our products.

Yes! Gift cards are available in 4 denominations here.

Gift cards are valid for three years from the date of purchase. They are delivered by email, which will include a code and instructions on how to redeem them.

Please note, our platform only allows for one gift card to be used per purchase, so make sure the amount is sufficient for what you have in mind!

Please see our returns policy.

About Our Coins

Our coins feature true 3D detail, with both raised areas as well as surface detail. They feature an antique finish which brings the detail out in sharp relief. We reckon they look awesome.

We have been making our coins since 2007. It is our goal to make our coins as authentic as possible, so that the money in your hand is exactly the same as the money in the game world.

We do our best to list the diameter of all coins in their descriptions.

For a rough guide to our Classic Fantasy coins:

- Our '1' coins are the size of a United States penny.
- Our '10' coins are the size of a United States nickel.
- Our '100' coins are the size of a United States quarter.
- Our '1000' coins are larger than a United States dollar.
- All of the coins are 2mm thick, in most cases thicker than a United States coin. 

Our Gold 100 coins weigh about 5 grams each. They are slightly lighter than legal currency in the equivalent size, but they still have a satisfying heft, and give a metal clink. If we made the coins to the same weight as actual currency, shipping charges would increase.

The coins are made from a zinc-based metal alloy.

Being a metal alloy they do contain trace elements of lead, but both our products and raw materials are regularly tested to certify that they are within safe parameters according to California Proposition 65. The coins are entirely safe for gaming.

Our coins do not wear out. They can be used with any game in any edition. Our coins will benefit your gaming collection for years.

If there is a type of coin you would like to see, we would love to hear about it.

Convention Appearances

We've been at Gen Con almost every year since 2007, but had to take a break due to restrictions on international travel.

We hope to see you at Gen Con 2023!

In our hometown of Melbourne, we attend PAX Aus, Supanova, and Conquest.

Some of our coins are also carried on the convention booths of Q-Workshop and Level Up Dice.

Unfortunately we do not offer convention support at this time, sorry.

More Information

We love working with designers, publishers, and clubs to make coins for their games or events. As our minimum order quantity is 1,000 coins, we are not as suitable for personal projects.

Due to our current project pipeline, we are not currently accepting new custom coin inquiries. 

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Best wishes to you and the wife, Jeff.