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Pathfinder Hero Point Tokens (6)Pathfinder Hero Point Tokens (6)
Pathfinder Hero Point Token - Abomination VaultsPathfinder Hero Point Token - Abomination Vaults
Pathfinder Hero Point Token - Age of AshesPathfinder Hero Point Token - Age of Ashes
Pathfinder Hero Point Token - Agents of EdgewatchPathfinder Hero Point Token - Agents of Edgewatch
Pathfinder Hero Point Token - Extinction CursePathfinder Hero Point Token - Extinction Curse
Pathfinder Hero Point Token - Fists of the Ruby PhoenixPathfinder Hero Point Token - Fists of the Ruby Phoenix
Pathfinder Sihedron MedallionPathfinder Sihedron Medallion
Pathfinder Collector Coin - Korvosan Crown (single)Pathfinder Collector Coin - Korvosan Crown (single)
Pathfinder Logo PinPathfinder Logo Pin
Pathfinder Logo Pin
Sale price$4.99
Pathfinder Goblin pinPathfinder Goblin pin
Pathfinder Goblin pin
Sale price$4.99
Pathfinder Society Faction Pin - ConcordancePathfinder Society Faction Pin - Concordance
Pathfinder Society Faction Pin - Dark ArchivePathfinder Society Faction Pin - Dark Archive
Pathfinder Society Faction Pin - The ExchangePathfinder Society Faction Pin - The Exchange
Pathfinder Society Faction Pin - Grand LodgePathfinder Society Faction Pin - Grand Lodge
Pathfinder Society Faction Pin - Liberty's EdgePathfinder Society Faction Pin - Liberty's Edge
Pathfinder Society Faction Pin - Scarab SagesPathfinder Society Faction Pin - Scarab Sages
Pathfinder Society Faction Pin - Silver CrusadePathfinder Society Faction Pin - Silver Crusade
Pathfinder Society Faction Pin - Sovereign CourtPathfinder Society Faction Pin - Sovereign Court
Pathfinder dice trayPathfinder dice tray
Pathfinder dice tray
Sale price$14.99
Pathfinder First Edition dice trayPathfinder First Edition dice tray
Pathfinder First Edition Logo pinPathfinder First Edition Logo pin
Save 40%
Pathfinder Playtest logo pinPathfinder Playtest logo pin
Pathfinder Playtest logo pin
Sale price$2.99 Regular price$4.99

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