Dwarven Tower coin set (50)

Dwarven Tower coin set (50)

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    Dwarven Tower Coin Set

    Posted by Lachlan on 24th Aug 2020

    Just arrived. Perfect feel, perfect weight and an awesome investment.

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    From the deepest mines

    Posted by Enrique Esturillo on 14th Jul 2018

    What can I say? They're absolutley outstanding.

    The detail is just amazing, and yeah, you'll be stacking it in front of you in a minute after opening the package, arranging and rearranging them in tower configurations. Its a different and original coin desing and are heavy and awesome.
    A MUST for TTRPGs or dwarf-themes tabletop games.

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    Intricate and Beautiful

    Posted by R. Wright on 21st Jun 2018

    These coins are exactly true to the photo. The linework on each coin is crisp and detailed. The coins themselves are heavy enough they really feel like money. They have the same tone as the photo, making them look like ancient coins of a forgotten age. I was thrilled to finally have the chance to buy these after saving for several months. I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase.

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    A Token to own them all

    Posted by Gauvain Boiché on 3rd May 2018

    For a long year, I watched over these tokens, waiting for the final time when I would be able to buy it. Now it's done.

    The shipping took just one week to France with the Standard Air Mail, making it quick and cheap considering the country it came from.

    The products were well wrapped, protected and stored in the package. No risk of smashed corners or else.

    Tokens in themselves are as good as on the picture, really ! There is just on sad part : 50 of them are not enough to cover the table. Or to play a game of Fantasy poker. It was shipped with a nice velvet bag and a kind note. I would definitively recommend it to anyone who wants a nice piece of fake money to play some board game, or even for roleplayers in search for some fantasy money for medieval manifestations.

    Thanks from France !