King's Ransom Board Game Set (51 coins)

King's Ransom Board Game Set (51 coins)

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    A nice starter for a themed coins set

    Posted by Maxime Leiser on 26th Feb 2020

    Not quite enough coins to stand on its own as a 1 player coins set in a game of poker or alike, but a very good start.
    I order a couple of these, plus several sets of specific coins to get a nice collection for multiplayer parties.

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    The Best Coins By Far

    Posted by Caine on 22nd Aug 2019

    I could not be more impressed by the product. They are weighty, well crafted, and have a good deal of character. I would, and will, purchase more.

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    King's Ramson Coins set

    Posted by Martin Durand on 17th Nov 2018

    These coins are really beautiful and can be use almost as generic coins. The 1 value are a bit small but still really cool with hexagonal shape. The number on them are small at the bottom but it doesn't really matter if you are using this set only because of the different color for each value.

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    A Beautiful Way to Diverify Your World's Currencies

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Sep 2018

    I was really impressed by the quality of these coins. They're very detailed, well-made, the finish is consistent, and they have a satisfying heft (especially the gold pieces)! I'm using them as the currency for a Roman kingdom in my campaign, and I have 6 players, so I bought two of these (plus extra coppers and silvers). They were all so excited when they received a coin type different from what they were used to (this company's also excellent line of RPG Coins which form the bulk of my game's currency), and were as impressed with the quality as I was!