After a succesful Kickstarter campaign, our brand new Campaign Coins RPG Treasure Sets are now available!

We have designed this to be a complete currency system for your roleplaying campaign, from low to high levels.

You only need one set to play: you can skip the Tavern set if you don't want to bother with small change, and you can skip the Rare Treasure set if you don't need exotic coin types. Gold coins are the staple currency, so you can start with the Market Gold and then level up to the Dungeon Gold.

Each set is US $44.99. Remember, as always, if you spend more than US $100 you get a 10% discount, and don't forget to use our discount codes for shipping outside of Australia.

These are all our classic fantasy designs by Lee Smith.

Here is a summary of the contents of each set:

Tavern Change coin set

Tavern Change is for a mug of beer, a hunk of cheese, room for the night. Here you will find low denomination copper and silver coins. in a Green velvet bag with the Campaign Coins logo. This 50-coin set contains:

  • 1-Copper (x20)
  • 5-Copper (x5)
  • 1-Silver (x20)
  • 5-Silver (x5)

Market Gold coin set

Market Gold is about buying gear and supplies in the market, and your first treasure haul at low adventurer levels. This set comes in a Blue velvet bag with the Campaign Coins logo. This 50 coin set contains:

  • 1-Gold (x20)
  • 2-Gold (x10)
  • 5-Gold (x10)
  • 10-Gold (x5)
  • 20-Gold (x5)

Dungeon Gold coin set

Dungeon Gold is when your fame really starts to grow and you level up and go deeper into the dungeon. These coins are larger, so this set has fewer coins than the others, packed snugly into a Burgundy velvet bag with the Campaign Coins logo. This 46 coin set contains:

  • 50-Gold (x10)
  • 100-Gold (x20)
  • 500-Gold (x10)
  • 1000-Gold (x5)
  • 5000-Gold (x1)

Rare Treasure coin set

Rare Treasure is optional, but it brings variety to the table. Our Platinum is super shiny to differentiate it from the Silver, and our Electrum is the blackest metal, forbidden coins from a fallen empire. This set has an even mix of both types, in a Black velvet bag with the Campaign Coins logo. This 50 coin set contains:

  • 1-Electrum (x15)
  • 5-Electrum (x5)
  • 10-Electrum (x5)
  • 1-Platinum (x15)
  • 5-Platinum (x5)
  • 10-Platinum (x5)

You can see them all on our Fantasy Sets page.

Thanks to our Kickstarter backers who made these new sets possible!

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