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It's the best four days in online gaming... we're still in Australia, but we are totally at Gen Con Online!

Convention specials

Gen Con Online has started, and we are running a special discount for the duration of the convention, until Sunday 2 August at 4 PM EDT.

All orders totalling US $10 or more before postage will receive an automatic 10% discount.

No code required, the discount will be applied automatically once you have US $10+ in your cart. This applies to every single thing on our website.

And, if you are ordering from outside Australia, be sure to use our discounted shipping coupon codes at checkout:

Place an order for US $20 or more:
Get US $5 off International Shipping with code SHIP5

Place an order for US $150 or more:
Get US $10 off International Shipping with code SHIP10

Now, how about some new releases to use that discount on?

RuneQuest Coins

We are honoured to release this new range of coins for the world of Glorantha, the unique vision of Greg Stafford. The coins are official licensed products made with our friends at Chaosium, and are perfect for RuneQuest roleplaying sessions or for Gloranthan collectors.

Our first four coins are the mighty Dara Happan Gold Wheel (the largest piece of currency we have ever made!), the Lunar Imperial silver, the Esrolian copper clack, and the Troll Bolg. There is also a collector pack if you just want one of each. These wonderful designs are taken directly from the Guide to Glorantha. The final production art is by Alex Reis.

Life and Death Tokens

These new enamel Life & Death tokens designed by Drew Morrow feature a beautiful grail with blue enamel on the front, and a horrifying skull with red enemal on the reverse. We use them to track saving throw successes when tracking life and death situations during roleplaying games. They are also perfect for use with hidden role social deduction games, to track Loyal Team wins and Traitor Team wins. They are large coins (32 mm) with eye popping colour. May you see more grails than skulls!

  • Life & Death Tokens - 5 enamel tokens for US $14.99

Pathfinder Adventure Path Hero Point Tokens

We are thrilled to announce our new collectable Pathfinder Hero Point Tokens based on the Pathfinder Adventure Paths for Pathfinder Second Edition from our friends at Paizo. The first two releases are for Age of Ashes and Extinction Curse. These are exactly the same size and heft as our regular Pathfinder Hero Point Tokens, and have the same back, so they will mix in perfectly. Age of Ashes shows a mighty dragon, and Extinction Curse depicts the adventurers home away from home in the circus tent. The tokens are designed by Jake Lane and Terry Lane.

Red Dragon Inn Gambling In/Out Tokens

We talked about these in a previous email, but we're still super excited about these gorgeous new Gambling In/Out tokens for Red Dragon Inn, designed by Brian Patterson (D20 Monkey) and licensed from our friends at SlugFest Games. These are hefty poker-chip sized tokens with beautiful enamel. Are you in, or are you out? Now everyone at the table can see!

Join us on Twitch on Thursday 30 July, 6 PM EDT

Please join us for for the first time on Twitch. Thanks to some super hard work and expertise from Jackson and Rachael, we are good to go with our first ever stream this Thursday 6 Pm EDT (that is Indianapolis time, so 3 PM in Seattle, or Friday 8 AM in Australia). We'll be talking about our Gen Con Online plans, and we'll go deep behind the scenes into the making of all these new releases, and we'll try to answer any questions coming at us from chat. We will give away US $30 store credit during the stream, so you can get some of the cool stuff above for free.

Please follow us on Twitch and sign up for a notification as to when we go live, which is very, very soon. We'd be seriously thrilled to see you.

Update: the stream is now on YouTube.

Mark's Call of Cthulhu stream on Gen Con Twitch channel

It's going to be a big day on Twitch for Mark, who will be running a Call of Cthulhu game on the official Gen Con Twitch channel with the talented players from the Ain't It Slayed podcast. He's so excited about it he is writing about himself in the third person. Cthulhu makes you lose grip on reality like that.

And, you can watch Jackson every week on the Stream of Chaos on the Chaosium Twitch channel. We like to twitch.

See you at Gen Con Online

We hope wherever you are you are safe and well, and looking forwards to some fantastic games and streams coming at ya from Gen Con Online this weekend. We are even running some roleplaying sessions, all sold out sorry but wish us luck: Mark is running Shadow of the Demon Lord, and Jackson is running 13th Age. And, as we do every year, we have made the winner medals for the ENnie Awards.

Thanks for reading! If any of our new releases tempt you. remember that COVID-19 is making shipping a little slow. For up-to-date details, please see the Australia Post Coronavirus: International Updates page. We recommend you look up your country to get delivery estimates before placing your order.


Mark, with Andre, Jackson, Maddison & Penny

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