Stream of the Demon Lord

We are huge fans of the Shadow of the Demon Lord, the dark fantasy roleplaying game from Schwalb Entertainment. We could not resist playing a session on the 6th of the 6th at 6 AM (New York time) on our Campaign Coins Twitch stream.

Mark dreamed up the scenario “Last Night in Lastmere”, inspired by his fresh shipment of Hagglethorn Hollow buildings that he couldn’t wait to throw down. Our marvellous guest players Art and Alex play changeling rogues, Jackson is a goblin magician. Mayhem and pies ensue.

The whole session is now up on YouTube. We had so much fun, we hope to return to the story before too long. Subscribe on YouTube and follow us on Twitch to catch our future adventures.

If you are interested in Shadow of the Demon Lord, our friend Rob has knocked 30% off the price of every single PDF for the game during the month of June over at the Schwalb Entertainment page at DriveThruRPG.

And, if you need black metal for the game, check out our Shadow of the Demon Lord collection for fortune tokens and turn tokens.

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