Witcher Hybrid Dice and coin

Witcher Hybrid Dice from Q-Workshop

Our brilliant friends at Q-Workshop have just launched their new Witcher Hybrid Dice Kickstarter.

These are official Witcher dice licensed from CD Projekt Red, and feature a new dice making technique that combines two materials: wood and metal, or plastic with composite. They are absolutely stunning, and you can get them in D6 sets, a focused D10 and D6 set, and a full classic polyhedral set like the one in the photo below.

This is where we come in: Q-Workshop invited us to make a Witcher Coin for the campaign.

We're pretty pleased with how it turned out, and we hope you like it too. It's an original design from Q-Workshop. It's big and hefty, at 44mm diameter (about 1.5 inches) and 3 mm thick, the size of a standard challenge coin. It works nicely as a D2, and is very satisfying to flip or spin.

This coin is a free bonus if you pledge for the Kickstarter campaign before 11:59 PM CDT on April 27th.

It is a strictly limited edition coin. After the initial time passes, it will not be offered again anywhere.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign for all the details.

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