Avren Coin


Our first coin release for our new website is the certainly magical and probably not cursed Avren Coin.

Avren is a human warlock played by Todd Kenreck obsessed with bringing power to the powerless. A dream to some but a nightmare to others, he casts a long shadow & wields an even longer great sword. 

Avren has the ability to magically summon coins with his face on them, so we could not resist making that into a real coin!

The Avren Coin has a stern-looking Avren on one side and the letters AVREN GOD OF TRICKERY. The other side shows his kind side, with a smiling Avren and the expression YOU HAVE WORTH.

The metal coin is 39 mm diameter (the size of a poker chip) and 3 mm thick, a hefty size ideal for coin flips. It has antique gold plating. The coin design and Avren profile painting is by artist Alysa Avery.

The Avren Coin is now available to order from campaigncoins.com



Avren is an embodiment of mischief; a trickster god in humanoid form. Long ago, he tricked an ancient being into giving him magic and immortality. This power also came with a curse: whenever Avren dies, he will return to life with a new body.

You can catch up to Avren's exploits wherever Todd plays, including the actual plays Silver & Steel and Heroes of the Vale on DnD Beyond channel, and now he appears when Todd DMs Heroes of the Planes each week for Demiplane.


Avren (c) 2021 Todd Kenreck, all rights reserved

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