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May the Lumen's light bathe you. The Crucible coin set and roleplaying game from Cosm Games is now available on our website. Huge thanks to the Kickstarter backers who made this project possible.

In the Crucible, moral choices are the key to near godlike power - but what choices will define you? As you strive for enlightenment, will you follow the paths forged by the Primes or seek to create a path or your own? Or will you give in to the temptation of a darker path to power?

This innovative game system uses coin flips instead of dice to resolve actions. Story is front and centre, and Crucible is an epic high-fantasy world brimming with diversity and possibility. The rulebook is now available from our website in print or PDF, or from DriveThruRPG.


You can play Crucible with any coins, but for full immersion we offer beautiful Crucible coins designed by Drew Morrow. All coins in this range are about the size of a US Quarter (ranging from 25mm to 27mm, and 2mm thick) giving them a nice uniformity, and perfect for flipping. Each coin is clearly denominated.

These are also great coins for any board game or roleplaying game. They are clearly denominated, with low value coins (1, 2) in copper, mid value (5, 10, 20) in silver, and high value (50, 100) in gold.

They are available in the massive 95-coin Crucible Coin Set, and we also have them in 5-coin packs in all denominations:

Crucible 1-Copper coins (5)
• Crucible 2-Copper coins (5)
• Crucible 5-Silver coins (5)
Crucible 10-Silver coins (5)
Crucible 20-Silver coins (5)
Crucible 50-Gold coins (5)
Crucible 100-Gold coins (5)

And finally, we have the Crucible sample pack with one each of these coins.


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