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In a great Crucible built to temper souls to enlightenment, moral choices are the key to power.

This is a pack of five metal 50-Gold coins for Crucible, the innovative coin-flipping fantasy roleplaying game from Cosm Games. The intricate designs are by Grey Cesira, Lea Headley-Jeges, and Drew Morrow.

The 50-Gold coin describes the Pillars of Enlightenment: the six pillars that encircle the Vault and guide people on the many paths to their individual perfection. Each coin measures 27mm in diameter and is plated with an Antique Bronze finish.

All Crucible coins have clear denominations, and are available in 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 & 100, making them perfect for any fantasy roleplaying game or board game.

About Crucible

The world and system of Crucible is based around the concepts of philosophical alchemy, metallurgy and nu-mismatics. To represent this, players do not roll dice, but instead throw handfuls of coins to determine outcomes. Coins in Crucible aren't just for mechanics, they're also an integral part of the game world. They are sacred tokens, reservoirs of energy that allow those journeying toward ascension to focus and extend their capacities, enchant relics, and boost their potential to superhuman or even godlike levels.

The Crucible rulebook is available in print and PDF from Campaign Coins, and from DriveThruRPG.

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Crucible is © Cosm Games

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