Coins and tokens at the table

Australia is now 90% vaccinated so my players and I are back at an actual table playing our Eberron 5e campaign.I hope that's a possibility for you too soon, if it's safe to do so where you are. When you are table-ready again, I thought I'd give a run down on how I use our gear to enhance our game, with examples from our last two sessions. Roll initiative!

At the start of each session I award Inspiration for recalling something from last session. I use our Epic D20 coins designed by Lynda Mills. My house rule is they can use them for Advantage, for Rerolls, or they can give it to another player.

The heroes were hired by Elaydren d'Cannith to recover a long-lost schema. We play with real treasure  so gave a deposit of a 100 gold from our Dungeon Gold Starter Set designed by Lee Smith. They  spent it on healing potions (50 gp each), which was just as well, read on...


They went down into the sewers. As always, any map I put down is not a map until it has a Deven Rue Compass Rose on it to show direction.

Deep below they fought two Shifters. Abifidelia the Dragonborn Bard sent in her pet drake but they hacked it down to zero hit points! I got out the Life & Death Tokens designed by Drew Morrow to track death saving throws, but never has a healing potion been delivered so fast.

Down below in the abandoned forge, Xyrella the Tiefling Cleric of Life cast a Bless spell to inspire her comrades. It was her first time casting a spell with concentration, so voila, the Concentration Token by D20 Monkey helped us track it.

The heroes prevailed and levelled up to Level Three, huzzah! Thanks for reading. We make the things we want to use in our games, and think you'd like them too.


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