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This stunning metal compass rose is designed by Deven Rue, the incomparable Mistress of Maps. She is famous for her hand drawn cartography and illustrations.

We love Deven's work, and thought it would be wonderful to make a metal compass based on her beautiful Augrudeen Compass Rose. The result is a stunning piece, and one of the most remarkable things we have ever made.

The Deven Rue Compass Rose is a beautiful art object, but is also designed for gaming sessions. The metal compass can be placed on any map to clearly show which way is North, and it is also heavy enough to act as a paperweight. It is is perfect for world maps and also brilliant for tactical maps. It is two inches from side by side, and sits exactly inside a 2x2 square, with each compass arm perfectly aligned to the grid. The cutouts clearly show the map underneath, and also make it easy to attach this beautiful piece to a chain.

The Deven Rue Compass Rose is 2 inches diameter (50 mm) and over 1/8th inch (4 mm) thick. It is heavy, weighing 1 1/2 oz (40 grams), with an Antique Bronze finish. The top of the piece has sculpted 3D elements, while the reverse is the same design rendered in 2D, so that it sits perfectly flat on your table.


Deven Rue is an RPG cartographer and illustrator based in Portland, Oregon. Her beautiful hand drawn maps have been seen on Critical Role, The Triangle Table, Nerdolopedia and more. For more about Deven Rue, visit her Patreon page, or her website.

Deven Rue

The Agurudeen Compass design is © Deven Rue. This is an officially-licensed Deven Rue product.

The hand drawn maps are © Deven Rue. Pathfinder Flip-Mat; Hamlet is © Paizo Inc, used with permission.

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