TableTop gaming coins

Our new licensed TABLETOP COINS are now available!

TableTop is the hit web series from Geek & Sundry where Wil Wheaton and friends play board games together. This wonderful show has brought so many new friends into our hobby, and introduced everyone to dozens of fine games.

We’ve always thought that games are even more fun with real metal coins, so we’ve designed our TableTop gaming coins to be suitable for every board game in your collection.

TableTop gaming coins are available in a bagged 51-coin set for a ready-to-play collection, a collector pack featuring one of each coin, and 5-coin booster packs to add to your hoard.

The artwork is by game designer and graphic artist Daniel Solis features classic board game motifs, and is intended to accompany any board game regardless of genre.

We think that this is our best set of board gaming coins yet, and hope that they give you years of gaming joy!

The TableTop logo and related images are ©2017 Geek & Sundry. All rights reserved.

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