Fate Core makes an appearance on TableTop

One of the things we love about the gaming industry is forming connections with the many talented designers, artists, writers, and producers who love games. So it's especially thrilling when two of our partners collide and make something awesome!

In the video above, Fate, the wonderfully versatile RPG system by Evil Hat Productions, comes to TableTop, the unfailingly entertaining webseries by Geek & Sundry. Series host Wil Wheaton is joined by Felicia Day and John Rogers, in a riveting adventure run by our friend Ryan Macklin. The episode showcases everything that is fantastic about the game: story first, collaborative play, and huge fun.

As you know, we love TableTop, and we were privileged to work with Daniel Solis to design our officially-licensed TableTop coin range.

It was a thrill to see our Fate Tokens make an appearance; we love hearing the clink of coins at gaming tables. To celebrate, we're releasing the remaining stock of Black Nickel Fate Tokens, left over from our Electrum Kickstarter campaign.

They're perfect for adding a dark twist to your demonic, apocalyptic, necrotic, or otherwise horrortastic Fate game. Perhaps when a character is compelled to do something particularly heinous, you can mark their deed with an evil black token. But be quick; stock is limited and we have no plans to make them in this finish again!

UPDATE: All Black Nickel Fate Tokens are sold out! Congratulations and thanks to the lucky Faters that snatched them up!

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