Electrum Coins unleashed

The evil is unleashed...

The whisper of bat wings... the creak of a long-sealed tomb...
That which should be dead now walks again...

ELECTRUM COINS are now available!

This cursed currency was minted by a long-forgotten empire who harnessed dark powers. Those pacts ultimately threw them down into ruin, but their coins are still found in dark places.

These new coins are compatible with all of the coins in our existing classic fantasy range. The designs are by Australian artist Lee Smith, who has designed all of the other coins in the series. We Kickstarted these coins last year, and the feedback from all of our backers has been outstanding..


Historically, Electrum was a mix of silver and gold. But, for us, this would be too similar to the other coins, and hard to distinguish on the table. We wanted to make our Electrum unique, and we also love gothic horror gaming, so we've made them... darker.

Our new black nickel finish is perfect. It produces a dark and shining coin. The longer you stare at them, the more disturbing details appear.


Visit our website to see the entire range. We still have a handful of our special Electrum stretch goal coins left over, so while stocks last, we'll include one random stretch goal coin for every Electrum order over USD $40 before postage.

Warning: Viewing Electrum coins may result in a permanent supernatural curse. Campaign Coins is not responsible for any maledictions which may ensue. Shop at your own eternal risk!

CursedElectrumLawful evil

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