Stocktake sale 30 June, price rise 1 July


It's the end of financial year in Australia, and next week we have to count all of the coins. So many coins. Time for a stocktake sale:

From now until Thursday 30 June (midnight, Seattle), you can get 10% off everything on our site by using this discount code:


You can enter it manually, or click that link and it will be applied automatically. You won't see the price reduction in your shopping cart, but it will be there at checkout.

For our friends in the US, shipping should be cheaper at the moment, as the US dollar is very strong against our Aussie dollar right now.


In the last few weeks we've had a massive increase in the cost of raw material. We've kept a lid on prices for as long as we could during the last two years, but we can't put it off any longer, especially in conjunction with global shipping costs. You've probably seen other companies in the same position.

The price rise will most affect our coin 10-packs, and our bags of 50 coins. The Classic Fantasy range is affected, along with our King's Ransom, RuneQuest, Dwarven Tower (currently sold out), Island Siege, Fate, Freeport, Torchbearer and more. In other words, most set with a high coin count.

Some licensed coin ranges such as Call of Cthulhu, Numenera, Pathfinder Hero Point Tokens and Red Dragon Inn will stay at the current price while stocks last, but are likely to increase on reprint.

Most single items like pins and the larger tokens such as Deven Rue weights will stay the same price.

Here are some sample price increases from 1 July 2022:

Coin 10-packs US $9.99 will go up to US $12.50
50-coin Starter Sets US $44.99 will go up to US $54.99

Truth told, we've been underpriced for a while now, but this latest round of raw material increases has pushed us over the edge. We've long tried to price a regular-sized coin at US $1, but now that must go to US $1.25.

So, the 10% sale today will in effect be a 30% discount on some items when the prices go up after 1 July. That code again is 10FOOTPOLE

You can also get many of our coins from While we are not running the same 10% sale there this week, you might want to look at what's there as we'll soon be raising the prices there as well. The selection includes some coins that are out of stock with us.

Thanks for supporting us, and indeed any creators in these times.
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