Concentration Tokens for Arcane, Divine & Nature magic

Our first Concentration Token was incredibly popular (thanks everyone!) so we thought we'd expand the series with a wider range of magic. We asked Brian Patterson (aka D20 Monkey) to explore new themes, and he absolutely floored us with this set.

The Arcane Concentration token is the original design. The mystic glyphs and sigils are perfect for wizards, warlocks and sorcerers. When concentrating, flip to the "on" side with red lines of power. This remains a great all-purpose token, so if you just want one, this is a perfect choice.

The Divine Concentration token has a Sun side and a Moon side, done in the style of a stained glass window. When your cleric is concentrating, flip to the blazing sun side. (Or the other way round if you are a death cleric. You do you). This token is also fantastic as a Day/Night token for any game.

The Nature Concentration token shows a forest glade with some green buds. When your druid channels magic, flip to the "on" side with a riot of flowers and greenery, so show that you are concentrating.

These are all big tokens, 50mm across (two inches). They also look fantastic on a tactical grid map as an in world piece of terrain, as a summoning circle or some other location of interest. Let the magic flow!

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