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Australia Post has released a new range of options today for international delivery.

This caused a temporary malfunction in our shipping calculator, but the fine folks of BigCommerce have fixed it.

So, if you've been having any difficulties placing an order, it's all good now. Thanks for bearing with us.

There has also been a slight price rise. International air mail has gone up by around 10%.

But, if your order is around 3 packs of coins or less (under 250 grams), we can send it via Letter Rate. This service only costs USD $6 to send anywhere in the world. Our shopping cart will charge you more (sorry), but we always refund the difference via PayPal if we can get you a cheaper price. 

Lena the Post Office Corgi is looking forwards to seeing me arrive with your parcels!

Lena the post office corgiShipping

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