So many new coins!

We've been a little busy. You?

The website is bursting with new coins. Empty your swimming pool and get ready to get all Scrooge McDuck on the following:

  • Our Starter Sets are finally here. These $40 coin bags give you a great point to start your collection, and save a little money at the same time. We have sets for roleplayers and board gamers alike.
  • Our Epic Treasure brings new high level 500, 5,000 and 10,000 denomination coins to our classic fantasy range, designed by our regular artist Lee Smith. You can find them in coppersilvergold and platinum.
  • The new Epic Trade Bars are Lee's best coin art yet. Check out the new 5,000-Trade Bar for the Sea Captain's Guild, and the Royal Couple holding court on their 10,000-Trade Bar. We also have new 10-packs of the 100, 500 and 1,000 bars.
  • The Dungeon Bastard is here to kick down doors and award XP. Check out the #1 Badass himself on this 1000-Gold coin with art by Lee.
  • Coin collectors, we have got you covered with special collector packs of all of the above.
  • The Medallion of Ithaqua by Lynda Mills is here to bring icy nightmares to Call of Cthulhu players. This is an official prop for the award-winning campaign Horror on the Orient Express from Chaosium Inc. 
  • Band or Album is the game that recognises the universal truth that any statement could be either the name of a band or their first album, but never both. The Band or Album coin by Daniel Solis lets you solve the matter once and for all.
  • Finally, Fall of Magic by Ross Cowman is a stunning and thoughtful story game of journey and discovery. We are pleased to bring you the 5 beautiful metal tokens from the game as a collector set, with art by Doug Keith.

Many of the coins above were made possible by the 450 heroes who backed our Starter Sets and Epic Treasure Kickstarter. Thanks everyone!

We unlocked a mighty 7-coin stretch goal pack as part of that campaign, containing 3 limited edition 500-coins featuring our heroes Hazzard, Avariss & Dhum, plus the 2 new Trade Bars, our revised 1-Silver coin and the Dungeon Bastard.

The good news is, we have some of these packs left !

So, while stocks last, we will include one pack with all orders totalling over USD $80 before postage.

It's our way of saying thank you for your support. We hope that you can find something new and shiny in all of the new releases listed above. 

Meanwhile, we're prepping our next Kickstarter, for 13th Age Coins & Tokens.

We've been a little busy. You?

Special stretch goal pack

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