Penny will be launching her new short story collection THE OTHER DUNGEONEERS at Melbourne Supanova this weekend (Sat 6 & Sun 7 April). Come and find her at Table #38 in Author's Alley, alongside friend and fellow writer Jane Routley.

The ebook will be out soon. For now, enjoy the amazing cover art by Lynda Mills.


With Friends Like These...

The always broke but ever hopeful adventurers Dhum, Hazzard and Avariss are back, and they’ve made some expensive new friends:

Yen the money mage, who needs coins for spells. Goldie the cleric, who gives to the poor. And Atem the artificer, whose costly devices always explode.

In this new collection of comedic fantasy stories the Dungeoneers explore a dragon-burnt city, an icy tomb, an abandoned mine, and a murderous paradise.

Battling monsters and finding treasure is only half the adventure. Keeping it is the tricky part...

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