We tried to stop them, honest, but we couldn't: The Three Dungeoneers are back!

Today we published the ebook of The Other Dungeoneers, our new collection of comedic fantasy stories.


The book contains four all-new stories about our three characters Dhum the dwarf, Avariss the half-elf and Hazzard the barbarian, but this time they are making new friends. Expensive new friends. This might not go well. Say hello to Yen the money mage, Goldie the generous cleric, and Atem the laid back artificer. With friends like these...

The Other Dungeoneers ebook is now available on your ebook platform of choice:

The paperback edition will be available from Amazon in August.

You can download a sample from our website for free!


The Old King's tomb ain't what it used to be...

This story taken from The Other Dungeoneers is available to download for free from our store, in EPUB, MOBI and PDF formats:


Penny has a lot of fun writing these stories, and I then come along and help with the edits (I consider that my main job is to make the jokes even dumber). We are also blessed with wonderful character art by Lynda Mills, and a snazzy cover layout by Drew Morrow. We are also grateful to Kat Kruger, who helped us to refine the book. We hope you enjoy it!

This weekend I will be at Sydney SupaNova. We are at Table #55 in the Indie Press Zone in the Alley with copies of both Dungeoneers books and the promo coins, and also books by Jane Routley and Aidan Doyle. If you are at the show, come and say hello!

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