Silver Knight 100 limited edition coin

We have a new limited edition coin for you all: the Silver Knight 100.

This is an exclusive version of the 100-Platinum coin design, by Australian artist Lee Smith. This coin is one of our favourites, and a stalwart of the very first Campaign Coins box set released in 2007. Like all of our 100-coins, it is 25mm diameter (about the size of the United States Quarter), and makes a nice variant to our standard 100-Silver coin.

Think coin could a great adventure prompt: in your campaign it might be given as the authority to act on behalf of a noble house, or perhaps it is used to pay soldiers in a feared mercenary company.

The limited Silver Knight 100 coin is free with any order placed on our webstore which totals $40 before postage. It will be added to your shopping cart automatically if your order qualifies.

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