See you at Gen Con 2018

Here be treasure in Indy

The Australians have landed! We are all now here in the US and looking forwards to seeing many of you at Gen Con. If you are coming to the show (or have an understanding friend who is willing to lug metal for you), you'll find us at Booth #224, a coin's throw from our friends at Paizo.

New and cool for 2018

We have so many things to show you! Here's a quick sample of shiny new things on our booth this year:

We also have three fantastic new releases made together with Paizo, coming soon to our website too:

  • The Concordance Faction Pin, for Pathfinder Society
  • A limited edition Pathfinder Playtest pin
  • And our first ever coin from the world of Golarion, the Korvosan Crown from the Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path.

You can also see the production samples of our Deluxe Metal Meeples. They can't wait to see you!

First look at Rochi, our first game

We will also be unveiling our first game publication, coming soon to Kickstarter:

Rochi is the game of fantasy gambling by James Ernest and Sonia Orin Lyris, set in the world of the Seer Saga. This beautiful card game features 54 stunning cards illustrated by Mark Ferrari.

We'll have our preview decks at the booth, and you can even join us for the first ever Rochi tournament on Friday 3pm, and tickets are still available.

For more about Rochi, keep an eye on our website and join our mailing list, but here's a special preview of three of the cards.

Mail order as usual

While Andre, Jackson and Mark are at Gen Con, the mail order vaults are still open. Penny is on hand at home to keep your shipments coming. Honestly, we love packing every parcel, and imagining what stories you will be telling with our coins. It's why we do this.

Thanks so much, and whether or not you're at Gen Con, may your adventures be memorable!

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