Red Dragon Inn coins

When we first started our Facebook page in 2011, our original super fan Jonathan talked up his favourite game Red Dragon Inn, and how it goes really well with coins.

We'd heard of the game, so made a mental note ("cool game with coins"). We had some emails with SlugFest Games but we really hit it off together when we were booth neighbours at Gen Con Indy 2013. We finally got a few copies of the game, and man, Jonathan was right, it's enormous fun to play!

Now it's 2015, and at last we are working with SlugFest to bring you official Red Dragon Inn coins, as part of their Red Dragon Inn 5 Kickstarter.

The coins are designed by my friend Drew Morrow, and he has done a fantastic job; these coins are big and beautiful. The standard coins are a whopping 33mm diameter, and the 5 coins go up to 35mm. We are also making Fortitude Tokens and Alcohol Tokens, and the whole set comes in a swanky velvet bag.

The Kickstarter has now finished, but we will have the coins on general sale in September.

We'll see you in the Red Dragon Inn. It's your round!

Red dragon inn

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