A whole new adventure!

Welcome to our brand new website!

Please make yourself at home. Have a look in our treasure vaults, and sign up for our newsletter below. We have huge plans ahead, with a new Kickstarter on 20 March, as well as new coins for TableTop Day and Free RPG Day!

We want to thank some people:

  • Lynda Mills did new illustrations of our three adventurers (Hazzard, Avariss and Dhum);
  • Drew Morrow (and Lynda) smartened up our logo, with thanks to Lee Smith for the original version;
  • And Charlie Krank from Chaosium gave great advice for setting up the site.

But most of all, we want to thank... YOU !!!

We are giving a 20% discount on all orders for coin 10-packs of CopperSilverGoldPlatinum and King's Ransom placed between now and Tuesday 17 March. The discount will be applied on the checkout page.

Thank you for joining us on our new adventure!


Mark, Andre & Penny

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