Pre-order our Kickstarter on Backerkit

Pre-order our Kickstarter on Backerkit

Did you miss out on our recent Kickstarter?

No you didn't !!!

We have opened up Backerkit so that all backers can let us know which coins they would like.

And, at the same time, we have made pre-orders available for those who missed out on the campaign.

So, this is your last chance to order our new Starter Sets and Epic Treasure coins at a discount (the Kicksarter is in Australian Dollars, rather than in United States Dollars. so you save 25% or more). We are also sending the coins from our fulfillment partners in USA and EU, so if you are in those parts of the world, you will enjoy cheaper shipping.

We will be closing pre-orders on 26 June, so if you would like some of these new coins, please order today!

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