Free RPG Day coin

Free RPG Day coin

We love Free RPG Day.

It's a global celebration of roleplaying games, and it will be live at your friendly local game shop on Saturday 20 June. Publishers such as Paizo, Pelgrane Press, Goodman Games and many others support the event by creating something unique, cool and 100% free. In my collection I have some awesome adventure modules and dice from previous years events.

So, this year we thought we'd join the fun. We have created the Silver Sword 1000 coin. It is a special production run of our Platinum 1000 coin, but it has the antique silver finish instead of the usual shiny platinum. You can really see the amazing detail that our artist Lee Smith packed in to this coin, which has a sword with crossed roses.

Each participating Free RPG Day location has three of these coins, so use the Retailer Locator to find a store near you hosting the event, and get down there. There are tons of great things on offer.

But please, don't just charge in, yell "Gimme free stuff!" and then leave. Don't be that guy. Instead, volunteer to run a game in store, or play in one. Talk to the owner and find out what the new cool RPGs are, or what's out for your favourite system. Most of all, buy something to go with your free swag, even if it's just a lucky new D20. Support the store that supports your hobby.

For those of you in Melbourne Australia, we will be down at Gatekeeper Games in Fitzroy North. I'll be running the Free RPG Day 13th Age module, At Land's Edge. It should be a lot of fun.

Wherever you are, we hope that you get out and enjoy Free RPG Day!

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