Postage increase on Economy Air Letter rate

Australia Post prices went up today. Lena the post office corgi is sad.

You can read about the postage price increase here, it affects Economy Air Letter rate.

It now costs USD $7.50 to send an Economy Air Letter between 51 grams and 250 grams anywhere in the world. That gets you one of the lighter Starter Sets, or 3 to 4 packs of 10 coins. Previously, the charge for this was USD $6.00.

Parcel costs and the faster Standard Air service are the same price.

We're sorry to have to pass this on, and hope you understand. If it's any consolation, to send the exact same parcel to Australia from America seems to cost about USD $13, so we have pretty good rates here.

We like our posties, they do an unreal job of getting your coins to you all over the world. And they keep Lena in dog biscuits, and that's what really counts. Thanks everyone.

Lena the post office corgiPostage

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