GenCon 2017: new releases and more!

Gen Con 50 starts on 17 August in Indianapolis, and Campaign Coins is there again. We wouldn't miss it, especially this year to help celebrate five decades of the best four days in gaming. If you're at the show, come visit us at Booth #842 - Mark and Penny look forward to seeing you!

We have a ton of new releases at our booth, plus you can also order them right now from our webstore:

The Three Dungeoneers

Hazzard, Avariss and Dhum are great at adventuring, but terrible at fiscal management. We're delighted to present a collection of comedic short stories featuring our feckless trio as they battle bravely and usually end up broke. Penny has had a great time writing these tales, and we hope you enjoy them! We will have print copies at our booth (includes a free download code for the ebooks, and a snazzy bookmark), plus you can buy the Three Dungeoneers ebook from our website, or order the print copy or Kindle version from Amazon.

Plastic D20 dice

You've seen our D20 Crits or Fails design on coins, medallions, and a real metal die. The iconic design by Lynda Mills is now available as a Plastic D20, manufactured by our friends at Q-Workshop. This is the perfect companion die to our D20 coins.

Dice Trays

Our new pleather dice trays are designed to keep your dice right where they're needed: in the middle of your adventure! They're perfect for when table space is limited. They pack flat for easy transport with your rulebooks, and quickly snap together for easy use. We've made two versions; the D20 dice tray features the iconic D20 design by Lynda Mills, and the Pathfinder Dice Tray boasts the Pathfinder logo, and is made under license from our friends at Paizo.

Pathfinder Pins

Speaking of Pathfinder, we're also introducing two new additions to our family of pins; the Pathfinder Logo Pin, and the Pathfinder Goblin Pin designed by Drew Morrow. With these deluxe enamel accessories, declare your love for the fantastic fantasy roleplaying game that's being played played at thousands of tables the world over.

Other new releases

We will also have our entire range at our booth, including recent releases such as our awesome Geek & Sundry TableTop coins, our evil black metal Electrum coins, our brand new Blue Rose conviction tokens and Golden Hart pendants, our beautiful ENnie-nominated 13th Age Icon Tokens, and lots more.

Plus, we have special limited edition coins (the Three Dungeoneers coins and the rare Golden 50 coin, only fifty available), and we'll be announcing an exciting new coin license and Kickstarter for 2018. See you at at Booth #842 !

Other conventions in 2017

We are also attending these shows this year:

  • PAX West: We don't have a booth, but Mark & Penny will be hosting a panel on Saturday 2pm That is Not Dead: Cthulhu in Gaming (did we mention they also write Call of Cthlhu scenarios?). After that, you can find them around the Tabletop area demonstrating our upcoming card game Rochi, designed by James Ernest, and based on the Seer saga by Sonia Lyris.
  • PAX AUS: We will have a booth right next to our great mates Q-Workshop.
  • PAX Unplugged: We will also have a booth. We're super looking forwards to this cool new show.

Mail Orders in August

For the first year ever, we will continue to ship mail orders during the convention season:

Jackson will be on hand to pack your orders and send them out in a weekly shipment. That's a little slower than our usual turnaround times, but we're pleased that the mail will go on as usual.

What a year! It's all possible thanks to your support, thanks so much.

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