Happy New Year, with advantage!

We hope that 2020 brings you peace and happiness. Love and friendship is the key to many things, and that's why we love gaming: good times spent with good friends.

Unique D20 pins for you

We are working on new pins: our D20 Crit Pin in shiny gold will be joined by a platinum blue version, as well as our brand new D20 Fail pin.

We tried a bunch of colours and finishes before we settled on our absolute favourite new combo (platinum with blue enamel). That means we have a few dozen unique D20 pins that we will never make again, so seeing as it is the year of the Double 20, what better way to start the year than by sharing them with you all?

So, starting right now, if you order more than US $40 worth of product from our website, you will receive a random unique D20 pin for free. It will either be the D20 Crit version, or the new D20 Fail version. The pin will be one of four enamel colours, and be either shiny or antique metal in copper, gold or silver, in a one-off combo of colour and metal that in 90% of cases we will never make again. So, here's your chance to get a unique item with your next order. Thanks for supporting us.

There are exactly 30 pins available, and when they are gone, they are gone. We'll be drawing them randomly from a bag, so we won't know what combo you get until we pull it out.

Some of the pins in unique combinations of metals and enamels that we will are giving away

A charity donation to our heroes

Our normal joy at New Year is lessened this year because of the terrible bushfires that have struck Australia from coast to coast.

In our games we play at being heroes. Right now the true heroes in Australia are the volunteers of the Country Fire Authority, who are fighting to save the homes and lives of everyone in their communities.

We want to thank them. For every free D20 pin that we give away in the offer above, we are going to donate AU $10 to the Country Fire Authority.

With your help, we will raise and donate AU $300. Thanks to everyone at the CFA for their heroism.

Mail resumes on Wed 8 Jan

We normally ship on Wednesdays, which happens to be the big holidays this year. So, our first shipping day for the New Year will be Wednesday 8 January.

We're sorry for the delay, and Maddison and Jackson will be getting stuck in next week to get the backlog of orders all packed and on the way to you. Thanks for your patience.

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