Our first batch of releases for 2020 are here!

Concentration Token

The Concentration Token is designed to help players track when they are concentrating on a spell in D20-based fantasy games.

This is a beautiful and big two-inch (50mm) metal token designed by Brian Patterson (aka D20 Monkey). The token is 3mm thick and features colour enamel on both sides.

The token shows arcane glpyhs, magic script and sigils of power.

The top side is "Magic is Ready", and shows three colour glyphs.

The reverse side is "Magic is ON". All glyphs and lines of power are now blazing red. Turn to this side when you are concentrating.

This intricate and magical piece can equally be used as a prop or magic token for any game, or even as in-game terrain to show a magical altar.

We're tremendously proud of this one, and it's a great way to start our year. It was a joy to work with Brian, his design really is superb, and I just can't wait to use this for my Warlock the next time we get down to Waterdeep. If you have a spellcasting character, we reckon you'll get a lot of use out of this, and in a nice twist, it's just as useful for stream games as it is for home games, to remind you that you are concentrating.

The Concentration Token is available now for US $9.99. Economy shipping world wide is only US $4.00

D20 Fail pins & New Blue Crit pin

Some days you crit it, some days you fumble.

People have asked for the "1" version of our popular D20 Crit pin by Lynda Mills, so we have given in to your low opinion of your own dice rolling mojo and made a pin with the unlucky side up (but we still believe in you!). The D20 Fail pin is available in red enamel or blue enamel.

We have also made the D20 Crit Pin inblue. It has a platinum metal finish and it looks tres elegant.

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