Friday the 13th is here, so we're marking this date of misfortune with a sale! Enter the coupon code SPOOKY13 on checkout to receive 13% off cursed black metal Electrum coins. Our Black Nickel finish shines like midnight, and is perfect for adding a dark flavour to your game.

In Mark's Curse of Strahd campaign, electrum is the only currency accepted in Barovia, leading to the players' dismay at their hard-earned gold being worth next to nothing!

In my 13th Age game, I used the 1-Electrum Skulls as funeral coin props, which the players had to collect and place over the eyes of embalmed priests in order to gain access to a necrotic temple. (One of the characters was killed by a cannibalistic high priest's spirit, so they rue the day they ever found this accursed metal.)

Plus, orders worth over USD $40 using the code (before discount and shipping) will receive a very special bedeviled bonus: a Limited Edition Crits or Fails d20 coin finished in Black Nickel. We have only a few of these left over from the Electrum Coins Kickstarter, so only the first 13 customers will get one!

A deal this good is not long for this world. Order now before the sun comes up on Saturday 14 April.

Assuming it does...

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