Deluxe Metal Meeples live on Kickstarter!

Our beautiful Deluxe Metal Meeples are now live on Kickstarter. They are designed by Daniel Solis, nice and hefty with brilliant translucent enamel and unique patterns. These are definitely the cutest things we've ever made!

There are a range of pledges. Perhaps you fancy a Lucky Meeple as a travel buddy, a Collector Pack of one of each colour to stand on your desk to cheer you up, your own personal Colour Pack for gaming (I like the Green Bamboo ones myself), or maybe you might want to completely bling out your board games. We guarantee they make gaming beautiful.

Please have a look at the campaign page for all the details, and be sure to watch the great video by Christian Were. You might catch a glimpse of the incredibly cool secret stretch goal meeple... (Actually, you will totally see it. I was just trying to ramp up the suspense.)

Go forth and meeple!

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