Dwarven Tower coins & 13th Age icon tokens now available

Our latest line of coins are now available!

Funded by our 13th Age Coins & Icon Tokens Kickstarter (thanks, backers!), these official licensed coins are great for 13th Age roleplaying and for any other tabletop game with a fantasy theme.

Dwarven Tower coins

Our Dwarven Tower coins come in three different sizes: Soldier (20mm), Captain (24mm) and General (28mm). These joins are designed to interlock, so they stack like a charm. Artist Drew Morrow has packed them with intricate detail, making these one of our most striking releases to date.

The coins have no visible denomination, so you can change their value for different games.

They are available as a 50-coin Dwarven Coins set, and also in SoldierCaptain and General 10-packs. And collectors, we have not forgotten you, you can get a Dwarven Ziggurat with one of each coin.

13th Age icon tokens

The 13th Age fantasy roleplaying game by Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet combines clean rules with a fantastic story setting, and one of the most appealing aspects is the 13 icons who walk the world.

Drew Morrow has designed beautiful metal 13th Age icon tokens, based on the original designs by Lee Moyer. The tokens are varied sizes and antique finish, and each has lustrous transparent enamel: green on one side to show when you have advantage, and red on the other to show when you have a complication.

The tokens come as a complete set of 13 icons.

13th Age icon D12

Finally, with special thanks to Fire Opal Media, we are offering the 13th Age icon D12. This custom die by our friends at Q-Workshop features 12 of the icon symbols on each face. (The Prince of Shadows is missing, as is often the case.)

May all your adventures bring you treasure!

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