Zweihander - Fortune tokens (6)


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Keep track of Fortune in your ZWEIHÄNDER roleplaying game sessions with these high quality metal tokens, made for our friends at Andrews McMeel Publishing.

This pack contains 6 poker chip-sized coins (each 39mm diameter and 2mm thick) finished with antique bronze plating. Each coin is larger and heavier than a US half dollar.

The design is by Dejan Mandic. On the Fortune side, a woman turns her face from the grinning skull of death. On the misfortune side, the woman's eyes are closed and death has the upper hand...


ZWEIHÄNDER is a cooperative storytelling game set in a medieval fantasy world. It's a place of gallows humor, intrigue and mystery, supernatural horror, and vendettas meted with blackpowder, iron, and sorcery.

This world is one where the upright perishes, and the unjust lingers. Society stands on the edge of both existential and literal collapse. Order tends to prevail over outright chaos but at the cost of bloody sacrifices. While a brighter tomorrow exists, it is only for a select few. An ever-present shadow influences all, enticing its victims with promises of wealth, political gain, and damning power in exchange for their very souls.

For more about ZWEIHÄNDER, check out the Starter Kit at Andrews McMeel Publishing.

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