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THE THREE DUNGEONEERS by Penelope Love features Hazzard the barbarian, Avariss the half-elf, and Dhum the dwarf, three heroes who are great at adventuring but terrible at money management.

THE OTHER DUNGEONEERS brings new treasures and new troubles to Dhum the dwarf, Hazzard the barbarian and Avariss the half-elf, in the form of Yen the money mage, Goldie the generous cleric and Atem the laid back artificer. With friends like these...

If you've ever gone down into a dungeon with some trusty friends and a ten-foot pole, you'll know that sometimes high fantasy can get a bit stupid...

This bundle contains both books in paperback, which will result in a lower shipping cost than purchasing the book separately.

p>Authored by Campaign Coins team member Penelope Love. Cover illustration by Lynda Mills.

THE THREE DUNGEONEERS is also available in print and Kindle from Amazon.

The books can be signed by the author on request.

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