Shadow of the Demon Lord Bundle (8)


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Black metal for the Demon Lord...

Shadow of the Demon Lord by Robert J Schwalb is a horror fantasy tabletop roleplaying game set in the last days of a dying world.

The Shadow of the Demon Lord Bundle includes:

  • 1 x Turn Token, a massive chunk of black metal 50mm (2 inches) across and 4mm thick, with red and white colored enamel. One side is marked SLOW, the other side FAST. Flip this counter to to track the Fast and Slow turns in each combat round.
  • 6 x Fortune Tokens, each 25mm diameter (about the size of a United States Quarter). The front of the token shows the Demon Lord skull in terrifying 3D with the word FORTUNE, while the reverse shows the same design in 2D, designed to sit flat on the table.
  • 1 x Limited Edition Shadow of the Demon Lord 500 coin.

The tokens and coin are designed by Lee Smith, and is plated in our sinister black nickel finish.

Want to see Shadow of the Demon Lord in action? Check out our actual plays on YouTube!

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