RuneQuest Troll Bolg coins (10)


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We are honoured to release this new range of coins for the world of Glorantha, the unique vision of Greg Stafford. The coins are official licensed products made with our friends at Chaosium, and are perfect for RuneQuest roleplaying sessions or for Gloranthan collectors.

The Troll Bolg is a crude lump of metal marked by a troll's incisor's and tusks biting through. The coin has two holes from where the troll bit down on it.

This pack has ten (10) Troll Bolg coins. Each coin is 25 mm diameter and 2 mm thick, and has a Black Nickel finish.

The coin was originally designed by Jeff Richard for the Guide to Glorantha. This version was created by Alex Reis.

For more about RuneQuest and the world of Glorantha, visit the Chaosium website.


RuneQuest and Glorantha are registered trademarks of Moon Design Publications LLC.

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