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We are honoured to present a range of coins for the world of Glorantha, the unique vision of Greg Stafford. The coins are officially-licensed products made with our friends at Chaosium, and are perfect for RuneQuest roleplaying sessions or for Gloranthan collectors.

The Lunar Imperial coin is a round, silver coin. The front shows seven stars within a diadem, with the Moon Rune in the center. The seventh star is below the moon. The back is a commemoration of Fazzur Wideread's appointment as Governor-General of Dragon Pass, and shows a Lunar soldier.

This pack has ten (10) Lunar coins. Each coin is 22 mm diameter and 2 mm thick, and has an Antique Silver finish.

The coin was originally designed by Jeff Richard for the Guide to Glorantha. This version was created by Alex Reis.

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