Red Dragon Inn Coins of the World set (50)


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This is a set of 50 coins in a black velvet bag designed for the hilarious fantasy card game Red Dragon Inn, made under official license from SlugFest Games.

The coins are designed by Megan Langan. The coins all stack perfectly with each other, so you can pile up your loot and be ready when the gambling round starts.

There are enough coins here for 4 players. For more variety, the coins can be mixed with the Red Dragon Inn coin set, which includes metal Fortitude and Alcohol tokens.

The set contains:

  • 10 x Goblinoid coins (Antique Silver, 30 mm diameter)
  • 10 x Dwarven octagonal coins (Antique Copper, 32 mm diameter)
  • 10 x Runic square coins (Antique Silver, 33 mm diameter)
  • 10 x Arrow and Stag starburst coins (Antique Gold, 34 mm diameter)
  • 10 x Elven oval coins (Antique Gold, 45 mm high, 26 mm wide)
  • A black velvet bag with the Red Dragon Inn logo in yellow on both sides. The bag measures 15cm x 19cm and has a cord tie.

As an added bonus, the mix of copper, silver and gold coins in this set also makes them perfect for use with the excellent co-operative deckbuilder Battle for Greyport from SlugFest Games, set in the world of Red Dragon Inn.

Drink and fight your way around the world with this marvelous new set of coins!


Red Dragon Inn™ is a trademark of SlugFest Games, LLC.

Red Dragon Inn Coins of the World were made possible by the Kickstarter backers for Red Dragon Inn 8: Pub Crawl. Cheers!

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