Red Dragon Inn coin booster pack (12)


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This is a set of 12 coins designed for the hilarious fantasy card game Red Dragon Inn, made under official license from SlugFest Games.

We have made the coins to the same size and original design as the cardboard counters, but in beautiful metal! The coins are designed by Drew Morrow.

This is an expansion to our 5 Player Set. This expansion contains:

  • 10 x Red Dragon Inn gold coins. This is a chunky 33mm coin with the classic dragon heads and dragon tails design.
  • 2 x Red Dragon Inn 5 coins. This larger 35mm coin has a "5" to show its higher value.

Gambling? I'm in! 


Red Dragon Inn™ is a trademark of SlugFest Games, LLC.

Red Dragon Inn coins were made possible by the Red Dragon Inn 5 Kickstarter backers. Thanks everyone!


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