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This is a set of 36 coins and 10 tokens in a red velvet bag designed for the hilarious fantasy card game Red Dragon Inn, made under official license from SlugFest Games.

We have made the coins to the same size and original design as the cardboard counters, but in beautiful metal! The coins are designed by Drew Morrow.

There are enough coins and tokens here for 5 players. The set contains:

  • 30 x Red Dragon Inn gold coins. This is a chunky 33mm coin with the classic dragon heads and dragon tails design.
  • 6 x Red Dragon Inn 5 coins. This larger 35mm coin has a "5" to show its higher value.
  • 5 x Fortitude token. This 15mm antique copper token has a 3D heart on the top side to track Fortitude in game. The reverse is a 2D version designed to lie flat on the player mat.
  • 5 x Alcohol token. This 15mm antique silver token has a 3D tankard on the top side to track Alcohol in game. The reverse is a 2D version of the same art.
  • A red velvet bag with the Red Dragon Inn logo in yellow on both sides. The bag measures 15cm x 19cm and has a cord tie.

Order up, it's your round! 


Red Dragon Inn™ is a trademark of SlugFest Games, LLC.

Red Dragon Inn coins were made possible by the Red Dragon Inn 5 Kickstarter backers. Thanks everyone!


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