Life & Death Token (single)


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These tokens are also available in packs of 5.

This Life or Death Token is designed for use in roleplaying game sessions and hidden role games.

The front side shows a grail with blue enamel background. The reverse shows a terrible skull on a red enamel background.

During RPG sessions, use the tokens to track a character's successful saving throws for life, and unsuccessful saving throws for death. In many games, failing three death saving throws means you need to roll up a new character. Using these tokens should ramp up the tension.

For hidden role games involving social deduction, you can use the tokens to track Loyal Team wins (blue side) and Traitor Team wins (red side).

The tokens are designed by Drew Morrow. Each token is 32 mm diameter (about one inch) and 2 mm thickness. They are finished with antique silver plating, and lustrous translucent enamel.

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