Island Siege 1-Copper coins (10)

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This is a pack of ten Island Siege 1-Copper coins, produced under licence from APE Games.

The front of the coin shows a large number '1'. The back of the coin shows a regal crown. The coin has an antique copper finish. It is 18mm across and 2mm thick.

The Island Siege coins were designed by Daniel Solis for the game Island Siege from APE Games. The coins have a great piratical feel, and the large numbers make them perfect for use in a wide variety of board games. The different shapes and colours make them are easy to distinguish on the table, and Daniel has packed with them detail.

About Island Siege

Island Siege is a card game of colonization in the West Indies, designed by Dan Manfredini. Build your forts using the choicest stone. Then have your colonists construct ships and buildings to improve your settlement. Send your capable fleet to destroy your opponent with an Island Siege! For more about the game, visit the APE Games website.

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