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This is a set of 46 of our Freeport coins, produced under license from Green Ronin.

These Freeport coins can be used for a variety of roleplaying and board games. With no visible denominations, they allow players to change the value of the coins from game to game. They also make excellent tokens for miniatures games.

This set contains:

  • 25 x Freeport Copper Pennies:  20mm diameter (just larger than a US penny), with an antique copper finish.
  • 15 x Freeport Silver Skulls:  25mm diameter (just larger than a US quarter), with an antique silver finish.
  • 5 x Freeport Gold Lords:  30mm diameter (about the size of a US half dollar), with an antique gold finish.

The set comes in a burgundy velvet Campaign Coins bag, and includes an exclusive bonus coin, the Cursed Skull, a version of the Silver Skull finished in black nickel. Beware the curse!

The Freeport range are designed by Australian artist Lynda Mills, based on the original art in the Pirate's Guide to Freeport from Green Ronin. The coins are designed to look as though they have been stamped out, with 3D detail etched into the coin. The coins have a large surface area, and stack perfectly flat.

About Freeport

Freeport: City of Adventure is the exciting city setting from Green Ronin that can be used with any fantasy roleplaying game. Its mix of classic fantasy elements, swashbuckling pirates, and Lovecraftian horror has been thrilling game groups for over 13 years. The city can easily be dropped into any existing campaign setting, whether they are published or homebrewed. In 2015, Green Ronin released Freeport: Cty of Adventure for Pathfinder, the most comprehensive setting book yet. For more information on Freeport, visit the Green Ronin website.

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