Flames of Freedom - Fortune & Misfortune coin (single)


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Track Fortune & Misfortune in your Flames of Freedom roleplaying game sessions with this high quality metal token, made for our friends at Grim & Perilous Studios.

This is a poker chip-sized coin (39 mm diameter and 2 mm thick) finished with antique copper plating. The coin is larger and heavier than a US half dollar. The design is by Ken Duquet.

The coin has a skull on one side (when the Historian needs to play the coin as Misfortune), and the rising star when in the player's hands as Fortune.

About Flames of Freedom

FLAMES OF FREEDOM is an American Gothic horror tabletop role-playing game based on the award-winning ZWEIHANDER RPG, set in an alternative history on the eve of American Revolutionary War of 1776. As the revolution has begun, something far more mysterious stirs.

For more information about FLAMES OF FREEDOM visit Andrews McMeel Publishing.

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